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Special Winter Offer

Make your web site work for you with no commitments - Take advantage of our services NOW and be listed above your competition before they contact us

You can receive the extra traffic at no cost to yourselves until your web site is on the 1st 3 pages of Google. We will take your web site and will search engine optimise it (to appear on Google.co.uk on the 1st 3 pages) and there will be no charge at all until this happens and you are receiving extra traffic.

There will then be a charge £25 per week (less than the cost of an advert in your local newspaper) for hosting your site for a 25 page web site. (Extra web pages will be charged at £1 per week. Hosting will include unlimited e-mail addresses, contact forms and web statisics giving you details of number of visitors and search terms.

n.b. under this special offer scheme there will no extra charge for the work involved in re-writing and search engine optimising producing your superb new site, so just 1 payment to consider.

However, you are under no obligation to take advantage of the new web site, even though it would be silly not to, and even if you do - you can cancel your weekly payment at any time without any penalty.

Remember you will be saving your present hosting fees and your site will be receiving substantially more traffic to increase your sales making this project self financing.

Look very carefully at the above and you will see that you are under no obligation at all, you will not be asked for any payment or be asked for credit card details.

You have nothing to lose, contact us now as this is a limited offer.

How good are we ??

Take a look on our portfolio page and you will see than all our clients are on the 1st page on Google for many, many search phases. e.g. home networks number 1 out 3,340,000 and american motor home 3 our of 3,500,000.

These are just 2 examples out of many, many top ranking results. Can you afford not to take advantage now ? and who else gives the guarantees which we do ?

Make that decision and join our other successful clients NOW!!

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Search Engine Optimisation - Risk Free

Are you in the 1st 3 pages on google and search.yahoo?

Are you happy with the search engine optimisation service your present company is giving?

Do you feel you wasted your money on your web site?

If not consider the following

I am offering a 'risk free' chance to have your web site listed higher on google and search.yahoo and most of the major search engines. There will be no charge to you until this happens, so if your site does not improve you won't pay a penny. You are not in a situation where other companies offers a 'money back guarantee' which depends on certain conditions being fulfilled, I am happy to prove my point with no money from yourself until the site is performing highly on google and search.yahoo (my defination of highly is the 1st 3 pages - top 30)

I am confident there are many web sites, which have cost a great deal of money, and are not producing results. The clients have paid for the sites and either have been left to stagnate or are requested to pay more money to improve the rankings. Now you have a chance to make your web site work for you, producing more traffic for you to turn into sales.

My view is that a web site should be written, so that it loads quickly, is easy to navigate and should be search engine friendly at the start. I have optimised a great deal of web sites where the client had spent a great deal of money and had not fulfilled the main three requirements. And to rub salt into the wound were paying every month (1 client was paying £300 per month) for service which were meant to improve their listing on 2 or 3 phases.

www.tranleisure.co.uk and www.onetouchsolutions.co.uk were taken on my me, neither were in the 1st 10 pages on any search engine and by working on the site, re-writing the copy and optimising the pages they both reguarly feature on the 1st 2 pages on google for many, many 2 and 3 word phases and these phases are not obscure ones which clients are not likely to type in but phases which clients would type in searching for their products.

I felt that onetouchsolutions was not particularly search engine friendly so I produced another site Home Automation Solutions. The new site, which has only been online since April 20th 2003, registered many 1st 2 page results - try 'home automation uk' and you will find on www.google.com it ranks in the top 20 out of 458,000. On the Transleisure site, if you type in 'mobile satellite uk' this is in the top 10 out of 464,000. These are not the only phases where these sites perform impressively.

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Why are you offering this risk free guarantee?

How do I take this further?

Portfolio of Search Engine Optimised web sites

Remember, you are not in a situation where other companies offers a 'money back guarantee' for their search engine optimisation service which depends on certain very precise conditions being fulfilled.

I am happy to prove my point with no money from yourself until the site is search engine optimised and performing highly on google and search.yahoo (my definition of highly is the 1st 3 pages - top 30).

Even then if you do not wish to take advantage of the search engine optimisation new web site, you do not have to and will still not owe any money, however, you would not have the benefits of the high ranking on the major search engines and the traffic which it would bring.

There is no catch to my offer and you can only benefit at no risk to your bank balance, what other company will offer and guarantee that!!


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