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Search Engine Optimisation - Risk Free

Are you in the 1st 3 pages on google and search.yahoo?

Are you happy with the service
your present company is giving?

Do you feel you wasted your money on your web site?

I am offering search engine optimisation 'risk free' for your web site which will be free of charge if your site does not improve. There will be no charge to you until this happens, so if your site does not improve you won't pay a penny.

How much will this cost?

Until your web site is in the top 3 pages not a penny, and even then if you do not wish to keep the new site, and name if appropiate, you can cancel at any time at no charge.

I charge £100 per month for hosting your site, which includes up to 1 hour of minor alterations, and that is the total you are committed to, this again can be cancelled at any time. You do, of course, save the charges from your present hosting company. When your site is in the top 3 pages the time spent acheiving this will be charged at £30 per hour.

There will be ongoing costs if you wish to have extra pages added or major rewrites and it is prudent to keep adding to the number of other sites linking to your site, although, you can just have the benefit of all the extra traffic and sales leads without any further payment for as long as you choose.

The cost for One Touch Solutions was about £1500, but their site had 7 pages and now has 30 pages. All the content and new pages were produced by me. Their site is now in the top 2 pages for 'home automation uk' on google.com in the top 20 out of 457,000 web pages, previously they were at about 600, and also many more phases. Their unique traffic has also soared.

Take a look at my portfolio and see more top results on all the sites I currently optimise for. You can benefit from my search optimisation skills at no risk at all. I do not even need a credit card details before I start work and you only pay me if you are happy and are obtaining higher listing (1st 3 pages) and higher search engine traffic.

Contact me now for no obligation advice on how I can improve your site and improve your sales and visitors.

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How do I do this?

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How long will this take?

How do I ensure I get paid
when your site reached the top three pages?

How much will this search engine optimisation cost?

Why are you offering this risk free guarantee?

How do I take this further?

Portfolio of Search Engine Optimised web sites

Remember, you are not in a situation where other companies offers a 'money back guarantee' for their search engine optimisation service which depends on certain very precise conditions being fulfilled.

I am happy to prove my point with no money from yourself until the site is search engine optimised and performing highly on google and search.yahoo (my definition of highly is the 1st 3 pages - top 30).

Even then if you do not wish to take advantage of the search engine optimisation new web site, you do not have to and will still not owe any money, however, you would not have the benefits of the high ranking on the major search engines and the traffic which it would bring.

There is no catch to my offer and you can only benefit at no risk to your bank balance, what other company will offer and guarantee that!!


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