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Search Engine Optimisation - Risk Free

Are you in the 1st 3 pages on google and search.yahoo?

Are you happy with the service
your present company is giving?

Do you feel you wasted your money on your web site?

I am offering search engine optimisation 'risk free' for your web site which will be free of charge if your site does not improve. There will be no charge to you until this happens, so if your site does not improve you won't pay a penny.

How do I ensure I get paid
when your site reached the top three pages?

When I take on a client, you will need to have your site hosted on my web server, so that all changes to the site will then be hosted under my control. This ensures that not only can I give you a great service at a small cost but if you decide you do not wish to keep your new web site or do not wish to pay after your site has been listed on the 1st 3 pages than the new site amendments will not be yours.

If you wish, you are at liberty to keep your web site with your existing host provider which will give you peace of mind so you are in a 'win-win' sitution. i.e. You keep control of your existing site as of present but you have the option of a new improved site which has been search engine optimised and producing 2,3,4 or even more times extra traffic.

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How do I do this?

What search engine optimisation techniques do I use?

How long will this take?

How do I ensure I get paid
when your site reached the top three pages?

How much will this search engine optimisation cost?

Why are you offering this risk free guarantee?

How do I take this further?

Portfolio of Search Engine Optimised web sites

Remember, you are not in a situation where other companies offers a 'money back guarantee' for their search engine optimisation service which depends on certain very precise conditions being fulfilled.

I am happy to prove my point with no money from yourself until the site is search engine optimised and performing highly on google and search.yahoo (my definition of highly is the 1st 3 pages - top 30).

Even then if you do not wish to take advantage of the search engine optimisation new web site, you do not have to and will still not owe any money, however, you would not have the benefits of the high ranking on the major search engines and the traffic which it would bring.

There is no catch to my offer and you can only benefit at no risk to your bank balance, what other company will offer and guarantee that!!


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